I would rather…

Today’s slice was inspired by a fellow slicer here, who had been inspired by two others!  One thing I love about the SOL Challenge is all of the different ideas I gain from others during the month.

I would rather…                                               instead of…

drink coffee                                                         almost any other beverage

be outside in the sunshine                               being indoors

read YA literature                                               most books written for adults

spend time playing games                                watching a movie

eat homemade chocolate chip cookies           any type of cake

watch the sunset                                                seeing the sunrise

play soccer                                                          any other sport

watch movies with happy endings                   action or suspense movies

spend money on travel                                     buying other expensive things

go the mountains                                               sit on the beach




Slices of life

Inspired by the reflection list poem here.

Ideas swirling–

Which to choose?

Read, read, read,

Searching for inspiration,

Reaching into the past–

Distant or not-so-distant.

Now click-clacking

On the keyboard.

Reread, revise,





Slice of Life




Looking at the calendar

Inspired by Fran McCracken’s post about her monthly goals after March, I decided to construct my own year-at-a-glance from April to February.

April: Read at least 30 minutes of fun reading every day.

May: Start a gratitude list and add to it every day.

June: Do something non-wedding-planning related every day–up until June 23rd, that is.

July: Spend time outdoors every day (in the pool, if possible).

August: Pull a weed every day (Fran inspired me…my yard could definitely use it!).

September: Watch a sunrise or sunset every day and snap a photo.

October: Do chin-ups or push-ups or box jumps every day.

November: Write a note to someone each day to let them know what they mean to me.

December: Try a different recipe or food every day.

January: Create a pile of items to donate and add to it every day.

February: (Try to) limit coffee to one cup of coffee every day.

And then there’s March…


Questions to spark conversation

Yesterday at Girls on the Run, the lesson was about making friends.  I love this lesson; it gets girls talking to other teammates who they might not typically talk to as they run their laps.

During the warm-up, the girls wrote two open-ended questions on index cards that they can use to spark conversation with another girl.  As they ran, they grabbed a new index card each lap and started a conversation with a different girl.  The conversations that ensued were so fun to hear.  I found myself learning surprising and fascinating information about many different girls.

It reminded me that the questions we ask those around us matter.  The questions we ask either show that we care or they communicate a “let’s-get-on-with-it” attitude.  The questions we ask give a window into our attitudes and perspectives at that moment. From the lesson, I took away a few thought-provoking questions to spark conversation with students or adults.

  • If you could have any super-power in the world, what would you choose and why?
  • What do you do to relax?
  • What makes you unique?
  • If you could travel anywhere in the universe, where would you go and why?
  • What makes you joyous?
  • What is your dream job and why?

These were just a few of the questions…the girls’ homework was to try a few outside of Girls on the Run.

I’m going to take on the challenge as well!

Slice of Life


I started this post this morning, but the bell rang, so now this is a two-part slice!

Currently [before school]

Listening to the relaxing guitar music coming softly through the speakers.

Watching students find their slicing spots around the classroom, smiling as they read other posts and fingers click-clacking away as they comment and compose their own slices.

Thinking about all the parts of the day and wondering if I made all of my copies.

Sipping the last few drops of my morning coffee, enjoying the rich taste of the Italian dark roast.

Chatting with my teaching partner as several more of our students come into the classroom.

Hoping the sunshine brings warmer weather all day long.

Currently [after work]…

Sitting in a comfortable armchair with my laptop in front of me, finishing my slice.

Smelling the mouthwatering scent of grilled chicken flatbread, ready for dinner.

Realizing I need to send several emails to families before it gets too late.

Rereading before hitting the ‘publish’ button!




Hiding kindness in the pages

Students came up with an idea today to write kindness notes on Post-its and put them inside books in our school library.  Although it was the end of the day on a Monday, the room immediately filled with energy.  They called out different messages to add to the list and began writing notes and drawing pictures to pass kindness along to other learners at our school.

The books now have notes inside their pages:

You’re amazing, strong, and kind.

Have a great day at school today!

Remember to breathe and enjoy the day!

You are awesome!

and so many more.

I’ll have to add some pictures later!



Sunday success

Though Sundays usually find me working on my to-do list and feeling like I don’t have enough time, today was instead filled with small successes.

  • Finishing an eight-mile run this morning before church.
  • Seeing the colors of the garden as I walked to my car.


  • Bringing home two nice brown couches that some friends were giving away.
  • Cutting down a tree in the front yard that has been on the to-do list for months.
  • Finding Honeycrisp apples (my favorite) on sale at Sprouts.

Some days, it’s the little things.

Slice of Life