Running & Reflecting

I had twelve miles to run yesterday in preparation for a half-marathon on Saturday. Twelve whole miles. Thankfully, it wasn’t snowing like the previous Sunday, but it wasn’t sunny, either. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it. However, I was looking forward to the continuation of the radio series I’ve been listening to on my iPod each week on my long run.

Usually, I just listen to music while I run. With the music in the background, I can think about the upcoming day, reflect on the previous one, or mentally run over my to-do list (which seems to be never-ending). But on these long runs, the music doesn’t quite do it. It gets repetitive, and I start counting miles way before I should.

My solution? Adventures in Odyssey. My family started listening to the radio series on road trips when I was little, and we’ve continued the tradition ever since. Recently, I unearthed a few of the volumes and started listening while running. I’d push play, and before I know it, 7, 8, 9 miles are done!

Today’s twelve miles were cold, yes. My knees and feet hurt by the end, yes. I was ready to be done, yes. But while my body was working hard, my thoughts were with the characters in the story—not on how many more miles remained on my route. What a beautiful escape.

Story has the power to take us to another world, with different problems and people and triumphs and lessons, and somehow, we never leave that world unaffected. Story changes people—in big ways and small.  Story reflects life with all its joys and challenges and opportunities to learn.  And, not to mention, it makes twelve miles much more enjoyable.

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6 thoughts on “Running & Reflecting

  1. I know I could never twelve miles even with a story. But you are so right when you say story changes people. That is why I like this writing community and being able to share those stories. Keep writing…and running! Good luck with the marathon.

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  2. I haven’t heard of this program, but I’m looking forward to searching for it! I love listening on long drives too. Just finished Serial on NPR. Loved!!

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  3. Oh I want to be a runner! I started running about two years ago. Things were going great until Lazy came to visit! I have been trying to kick Lazy out, but I haven’t managed to do that, yet! You have given me yet another reason why I want to be a runner….the things I could listen to!!!

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