I love Thanksgiving.  Everything about it.

I love the food…and boy, is there a lot of it!  My family is Dutch, which means lots of family traditions.  This extends to our holiday food: turkey, mashed potatoes with corn and gravy, my aunt’s famous sweet potato casserole, peas and carrots, cranberry jello, and more.  And that’s not to mention the pie!

I also love time with extended family—time to drink coffee and catch up, to laugh, to play games, to watch football, to sit by the fire and relax.

As I sit by the fire tonight and listen to my family swap stories and the occasional “Remember when…?”, I think over the year and all of the opportunities to be thankful.

Here are a few.  I am thankful for…

  • Family and friends – at the risk of sounding cliche, where would I be without them?
  • Travel – Rome, Ecuador, New York, Washington, California.  What a year!
  • Teaching – every day is an adventure, and every day offers new opportunities!
  • Books – both professional reading and pleasure reading (and judging by the stack of finished books from Thanksgiving break, I’ve done a fair amount of both this break!).
  • Sports and the outdoors – soccer and running are daily outlets, and living in Colorado means endless opportunities to explore.
  • Colleagues – I am so thankful for the people I work with…the encouragement, collaboration, conversations, leadership, and laughter.
  • Sunshine – the occasional rainy day is nice, but sunny days bring such joy.
  • Learning – from Twitter to blog posts delivered to my email to the seemingly endless stack of to-be-read professional texts by my bed, the learning never stops!

And there are more…but for now, cranberry-raspberry pie is calling my name!  Happy Thanksgiving!



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