Finding the silver lining

Sometimes, life throws us curveballs.  Things we didn’t plan for, didn’t anticipate.  Things we never wanted to happen.

I got a pretty big curveball thrown at me recently.

I took a pretty spectacular fall a few weeks ago when I learned how to downhill ski for the first time.  Granted, it was my first fall of the day (and I had a successful morning!), but it was spectacular nonetheless.  It also resulted in a very painful right knee.  I managed to stand up, gather all of my ski stuff that was strewn across the mountain (picture poles, skis, and the contents of my pockets spread across the entire width of the run), and slowly make my way down the mountain.  Let’s just say that I didn’t get back on the lift to try another run that day.

Despite my fervent hopes, my knee didn’t get miraculously better that night.  Instead, it swelled up pretty dramatically.  By the end of that next day, I was limping around with a cankle for a right leg.  Being the active person that I am, I decided to give “rest” a try (I always get the other parts of RICE down…not the Rest part, though).  However, there was still swelling after a few days of icing and resting, so I figured I should have someone look at it.

I saw a family friend first, who suggested I go see a doctor and get an MRI.  He mentioned the dreaded A-word (ACL), but I told myself that wasn’t it.  It was probably just a deep bone bruise or something, right?  However, I took his advice and went to the doctor’s.  There, they echoed his suspicions about the ACL but had to get an MRI to truly know.  I still clung to the hope that I would be back to normal in another week or so of dedicated RICE-ing.  I was even optimistic about how my knee was feeling; I could bike and work out decently hard at the gym (enough to break a sweat at least).

However, my optimism was short-lived.  I answered my phone today to hear the doctor tell me that I did, in fact, tear my ACL.  Which means surgery and 6 months of recovery.  No soccer.  No running.  No Girls on the Run.  No coaching.  No hiking.

It would be really easy to be depressed and pessimistic.  But I’m going to choose my attitude.  I scheduled surgery.  I went to the gym (I have to work out my muscles while I can!).  I talked to a lot of people about the recovery timeline.  I watched a soccer game.  I enjoyed our snow day.

And tomorrow, I’m going to have to choose my attitude all over again.

It’s all about finding the silver lining.

Slice of Life

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6 thoughts on “Finding the silver lining

  1. Ah, skiing…the joy and the pain. I have a funny story of skiing-on the lift, I suddenly developed ski lift platform aversion and stayed in the chair as the chair moved past the ramp, I was still on it. They had to stop it and lift me out of the chair…I hope you laugh at my story and that you sail through surgery with a successful recovery.

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  2. It’s so hard to deal with falls etc. I can so relate. Until you feel back to yourself you’re off and you want to be back and damn you can’t always find that silver lining but we are here to help you keep smiling and searching for it.

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