Sometimes it just takes a little elevation

I wasn’t going to post today, but as I sit on my couch with my knee propped up on a pillow and comfortably encased in ice, I figured that I could jot a slice from the day!

After ACL repair surgery on Thursday, I’ve been doing a lot of couch sitting the last 4 days. Thankfully, we had a day off on Friday and then President’s Day off yesterday, so I didn’t miss any school.  I scheduled a sub for today in case I wasn’t up on my feet yet, but lo and behold, starting on Sunday afternoon, I was able to put the crutches away and hobble around with my straight leg brace safely ensconcing my right leg.  It definitely puts a damper on many of my usual hobbies (running, soccer, hiking, going to the gym), but the surgery went well, and the road to recovery has begun!

This morning when my students came in, I explained a few of the details of the surgery and my recovery to them.  My foot propped up on a chair as I talked, I kept an ice pack on my knee and my students kept a watchful eye on the robot-like contraption on my leg.  I told them that I would be keeping my foot elevated while I teach and that I would be icing on and off throughout the day to keep the swelling down.  However, old habits die hard, and when I said, “Off you go,” I stood up as well and began to give quiet reminders and check in with a few students as they got started on their reading work.

One of my students eyed me worriedly.  “Miss Hansen,” he whispered, “Shouldn’t you be keeping it elevated?  I don’t want it to get swollen.”

“Thanks, buddy.  That’s a good reminder,” was my reply.

Did I sit back down?  Not really, at least not quickly.  But when I did, pausing for a minute to look at my notes and grab some materials for a book club, I propped my leg up for a moment.  I must have let out a small sigh or visibly relaxed because that same student whispered, “Sometimes all it takes is a little elevation, Miss Hansen!”

I stifled a laugh.  But then I realized that he was correct in more ways than one.  Elevation (or distance) often helps us gain perspective or clarity or just take a deep breath.  During the day, maybe I need to remember to “get a little elevation” and take a moment to reflect on where we are, where we are headed, and how we can get there.

In that moment, we can ask ourselves: What’s working?  What’s not working?  Why?  What can/should be different?  What are some next steps?

I think I’m going to post that quote on my desk: “Sometimes all it takes is a little elevation!”





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