{ah, today}

Thanks to Michelle Nero, who wrote an “ah, today” slice last year featured on Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge for Day 5.


today: I breathe and enjoy this little life of mine

today: is a Saturday filled with soccer and planning and catching up with old friends
want to be: more productive with planning and grading for school this week
blessings: an early morning Skype conversation with two friends, one across the country and one across the world
thinking: about next steps for the girls soccer team I’m helping coach
planning: my packing and to-list for China in two weeks
writing: an opinion piece about bullying as a model for my 3rd graders
loving: the daffodils peeking shyly out of the garden
grateful: for friends and family that will chauffeur me around until I’m cleared to drive


and today {again}: I breathe and find joy in this life of mine!


Slice of Life
Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for creating a place for writers to share their work and hosting the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!


8 thoughts on “{ah, today}

  1. Love that you tried this format! It really helps you focus in the here and now. You have so much going on with soccer and trips and friends and not driving!?! Oh my! Hope all is healed and you are all cleared for driving and a safe trip to China!

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