Made it to Beijing.

14 hours on a plane is ridiculously long.  I really had no idea what that length of time would feel like.  2 movies.  4 books.  Sleep.  3 meals.  Music.  Lots of stretching for my knee.  Coffee.  Trying to sleep some more.  Listening to the different languages being spoken around me, some quiet, some loud.

When I arrived in Beijing and got through immigration and customs, I veered left to wait at Starbucks, where my friend was going to meet me.  She wasn’t there.  I felt slightly panicked because I didn’t have any Wifi or phone service, which meant I really had no way to contact her.  I sat down and waited, hoping that there was no need for stress.  Sure enough, after about 30 minutes, she found me!

After a 4-hour bus ride, we made it to her city.  I feel like I’m on overload…all of these Chinese characters everywhere and words that don’t sound like words. It’s a sort of helpless feeling, this not understanding or recognizing anything.  We’ll see how tomorrow feels.

It’s midnight here, and now I’m trying to figure out how to get my body to adjust to a 14-hour time difference.  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Overload

  1. There are some ways to combat jet lag, such as staying hydrated. Long flights can pose challenges, but getting a chance to visit China! What an opportunity to embrace. I did cringe a little at the phrase: “All these Chinese characters everywhere.” It doesn’t resonate for me. Of course there will be Chinese people everywhere in China!


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