Visiting Laolongtou

Today, we got to travel to the place where the Great Wall meets the ocean, called Laolongtou (The Dragon’s Head).  Talk about incredible!  Seeing such an ancient site was fascinating.  The wall extends thousands of miles from the sea to western China and resembles a dragon drinking from the sea.  With a temple and several iconic pavilions to explore, we spent the morning breathing in the fresh ocean air and experiencing the intermingling of the sun and the strong sea breeze.

Because it’s not a busy tourist season, we had the beach and the wall largely to ourselves, which was nice.  We took lots of pictures and found countless seashells on the shore.  The funny story of the day?  I had a man approach me with his phone by the ocean; I thought he wanted me to take a picture of him and his friend, but he actually wanted a picture of me (go figure: a blonde-haired American rather than the Great Wall?).  Not unusual on this trip!  There’s never a dull moment in China!

Slice of Life

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the March Slice of Life Challenge!


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