Fall break!

October is here.  Fall.  End of first quarter.  And the long-anticipated fall break!  Sitting in a German bakery in Seattle, cup of coffee in front of me and rain drizzling outside, I can take a deep breath and relax.


It’s been a difficult school year so far, to be sure.  Teaching a blended class of 2nd and 3rd graders with many behavior challenges has tested my limits at times.  I go home tired every day.  Not just the tired that I’ve experienced every other year of my teaching career, but that down-to-the-bone physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion.  We have this incredible vision of how this year can be, but it feels like we’re barely scratching the surface most days.

But it’s amazing what a few days of vacation will do.  I flew to Seattle to visit a friend and spent the weekend sightseeing, hiking, and enjoying the city.  After my friend went to work this morning, I ventured out into Seattle and found a bakery to try.  I pulled out my copy of Close Writing and continued reading.  My excitement grew as I turned the pages…excitement to return to school next week and try out some of the ideas from Paula Bourque’s text.  I envisioned the possibilities for my students, imagining how the various strategies could lift the level of revision and editing when fall break is over.

Not that I’m ready for break to be over.  Not by a long shot.  However, the glimmer of enthusiasm brought a ray of sunshine into the overcast Seattle day.

And now for some more exploring!

Slice of Life

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the weekly Slice of Life!


2 thoughts on “Fall break!

  1. So glad that you’re enjoying a visit to Seattle (my part of the world). Sounds like you needed this break. Glad that you were given some glimmers of hope through a PD book and a bakery break.

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  2. Love that book, too! Long time since I have been in the Northwest, but I lived in Portland, OR, for many years. I remember the overcast days, but sunny, blue sky days there seem sunnier than anywhere else.

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