The end in sight!

It’s almost the end of March, which means I won’t have to blog every day; however, there’s something so therapeutic about daily writing.  My students have found the same thing.  Some of my favorite quotes from this morning’s Slice of Life time before school:

  • “Miss Hansen, even though tomorrow is our last day, I want to keep slicing every day for the rest of my life!”
  • “Look at the slice I just wrote!” (one writer sharing with another as they published their writing)
  • “Aww…tomorrow is the end of Slice of Life?”
  • “I don’t want this month to end!”
  • “Can we keep coming in early for the rest of the year?”

With the quiet piano music playing in the background, my teaching partner and I looked across the room and smiled.  We’ve become accustomed to early mornings and lots of students in the classroom before school writing and chatting.  We’ve become accustomed to the smiles and hellos we get as they walk in the door.  We’ve become accustomed to the way they enter the room and find their writing spot, settling in and beginning to write.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some students keep coming in to write and publish their writing.

Their excitement is contagious.  Writing daily, though a discipline, is also a joy.  Once again, March has been a great month to be a part of this writing community.  And sharing this with our students has been even more incredible!


I am participating in the Slice of Life challenge to write and publish a post each day in March.   Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for creating a place for writers to share their work all month long and hosting the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!

2 thoughts on “The end in sight!

  1. I’ve got one student who suggested if we keep blogging on our SOL site, could get do something special at the end of the year? Sounds good to me! I love that they want to keep writing. Nothing is pushed or forced, they want to. That makes my heart happy! 🙂 Happy (almost) Friday!

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