Sounds of springtime

Today as I sat outside for a few brief moments, soaking in the sunshine, I stopped for a second to listen.

– Birds chorusing from the tree across the street.
– A plane humming in the far off distance.
– Kids shouting and laughing as they played in the cul-de-sac.
– A saw whining from next door where the neighbor worked on a project.
– Walkers chatting and dogs panting as they passed my house.

It’s interesting to stop and listen.  So rarely do I actually pause to truly listen, but that moment today was a gift.

If you stop and listen, what do you hear?

Slice of Life

2 thoughts on “Sounds of springtime

  1. This was part of my prompt yesterday. I have noticed that this March writing seems to always induce at least one entry about listening – it is as though my ears have been stopped up all of winter and being outside once again, they wake up and hear things for the first time.

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