Travel chaos

Getting ready to leave for San Diego and realizing I need to post my slice before we leave?  Check.

Bag packed, clothes ready for sunshine or rain?  Check.

Books tucked away, ready for the twelve-hour car ride?  Check.

Cooler filled with snacks and food for the road?  Check.

Crate of school stuff in the car with all of the grading waiting for me?  Check.

Pillow balanced on top of the bags in case I need a quick (or long) nap?  Check.

Music and podcasts queued up and ready to press play?  Check.

All the boxes are checked!  Let’s hit the road!



7 thoughts on “Travel chaos

  1. Ready, set, go! So how are you slicing when you’re away? I’m leaving town for 4 days without my computer.
    Have a great trip- and hopefully you can put those papers away once you get there. 😉


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