The many faces of the ocean

My day today centered around the ocean.  From morning to afternoon, from different parts of San Diego, I spent today reveling in the beauty of the ocean.

It started with a long run on Shelter Island, the sun glimmering off the water and the city skyline in the distance.


Then we drove through downtown and soaked in the sunshine and the salty breeze as we saw the U.S.S. Midway and explored the various piers.  After that, we sat on Sunset Cliffs, watching the surfers ride the waves and listening to the water crash against the cliffs.

My favorite part was the visit to Cabrillo National Monument.  With the harbor and the city of San Diego on one side and the Pacific Ocean stretching endlessly on the other, I could have sat on the point forever.  The cool sea breeze, the warm sunshine, and the blue sky dotted with cottonball clouds made for an incredible California day!

Slice of Life


5 thoughts on “The many faces of the ocean

  1. What a beautiful picture! Focusing your slice around a common theme for the day allowed you to quickly relate a full day of activity. I appreciate your many descriptions of the different parts of the ocean you saw today. Sounds like a great day!

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  2. In Colorado, I miss the ocean and, after years living on different coasts, also wish I weren’t landlock. Couldn’t resist your lead-in — whenever I run late posting, I think about the time zone difference too, reminding myself that at least I am not in California

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