Hiding kindness in the pages

Students came up with an idea today to write kindness notes on Post-its and put them inside books in our school library.  Although it was the end of the day on a Monday, the room immediately filled with energy.  They called out different messages to add to the list and began writing notes and drawing pictures to pass kindness along to other learners at our school.

The books now have notes inside their pages:

You’re amazing, strong, and kind.

Have a great day at school today!

Remember to breathe and enjoy the day!

You are awesome!

and so many more.

I’ll have to add some pictures later!



8 thoughts on “Hiding kindness in the pages

  1. This is such a great idea! I once was on the receiving end of a kind note in a book at the public library. I never knew if it was intentionally left there for a stranger or forgotten there by the receiver of the note, but it definitely brightened my day!

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