Looking at the calendar

Inspired by Fran McCracken’s post about her monthly goals after March, I decided to construct my own year-at-a-glance from April to February.

April: Read at least 30 minutes of fun reading every day.

May: Start a gratitude list and add to it every day.

June: Do something non-wedding-planning related every day–up until June 23rd, that is.

July: Spend time outdoors every day (in the pool, if possible).

August: Pull a weed every day (Fran inspired me…my yard could definitely use it!).

September: Watch a sunrise or sunset every day and snap a photo.

October: Do chin-ups or push-ups or box jumps every day.

November: Write a note to someone each day to let them know what they mean to me.

December: Try a different recipe or food every day.

January: Create a pile of items to donate and add to it every day.

February: (Try to) limit coffee to one cup of coffee every day.

And then there’s March…


3 thoughts on “Looking at the calendar

  1. I’m glad you used the idea and I like your list!
    I like how you have fun reading after the rigors of March. I also love the idea of taking a sunrise or sunset photo everyday- what a great collection that would make, especially if you take them from different places. Or maybe you should take them all from the same place? I don’t know which would be better!
    I might borrow a few of your ideas 🙂


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