Spring is Here!

Inspired by Tara Smith’s post about spring here, I decided to celebrate its arrival as well.


It’s official.  Spring weather has arrived in full bloom, accompanied by the daffodils in my front garden.  I am embracing this change wholeheartedly.  I decided to…

  • Wear Chacos on my hike this weekend…
  • Roll the windows down on the way home from school…
  • Order an iced coffee instead of my usual hot Americano…
  • Pick a vase full of said daffodils for the kitchen…
  • Accept the fact that my students are going to come in sweaty and red-faced from recess…
  • Put away the gloves for Girls on the Run practice and pull out the sunscreen…
  • And take any opportunity to soak in the Vitamin D!



2 thoughts on “Spring is Here!

  1. I *love* list posts. Mind if I share this one with the kids I write with? I think your writing approach would make a fabulous warm up when we meet together tomorrow!


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