Joy…What is it?

Inspired by Michelle Engle’s amazing post here called “Love…What is it?”, I decided to try out a new format.

Joy…what is it?

It’s waking up to birds chirping and sun streaming in your window on a Saturday morning.

It’s a morning run filled with simultaneous reflection and anticipation for the day ahead.

It’s a fresh cup of coffee—the stronger, the better.

It’s the morning rituals of getting ready for the day, everyone moving in harmony.

It’s the feeling of opening the new book you’ve been dying to start–the promise of untold adventures.

It’s watching the light of understanding dawn in a student’s eyes, the ah-ha moment and the elated smile that is sure to follow.

It’s reaching the top of a mountain on a hike and taking a deep breath as you look out at the breathtaking views spread below you.

It’s dinner with family, everyone laughing and talking and interrupting and eating with gusto.

It’s playing games with friends, trying not to let your competitive spirit hinder the fun of the evening.

It’s watching the sunset over the mountains—the pinks and oranges and reds mixing together on the sky’s glorious canvas.

It’s homemade ice cream and a good movie at the end of a long week, curling up on the couch and letting your stress slip away.

What brings you joy?


Thanks to Stacey, Anna, Beth, Tara, Dana, and Betsy at Two Writing Teachers for creating a place for writers to share their work and hosting the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!


4 thoughts on “Joy…What is it?

  1. I really enjoyed reading about these joyous moments! Participating in this Slice of Life writing challenge has brought me an unexpected sense of joy this month. I also find joy in simple things…like a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, a “just checking on your day” text from my husband, and a “just because” hug from one of my teenaged sons.

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  2. This morning it was laughing with my friend who has MS while she was reading her facebook feed. To see the light in her eyes brings me joy!


  3. Thought-provoking poem unpacking joy… What is it for me? Today it is a peaceful house where the littles aren’t fighting and a successful dinner in a restaurant with no behavior incidents. That’s just where we are right now. Seriously though, I’ve heard it said that happiness is like a fickle cat…but joy is a choice. So, by that standard, I’m joyful that I have the kids I waited so long for…and the husband I also waited for, and a house that keeps us comfortable, and that every day there is love and laughter. How’s that for talking myself through your big, big question?


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