More daylight

It’s throwing me off, the fact that it is still light out right now.  I didn’t love it this morning when it was dark on my morning run, but as I sit down after dinner and look outside into the just-dimming light, I am thankful for Daylight Savings Time.

I love the energy that comes with the later evening light.  It reminds me that spring is practically here and summer is just around the corner.  It makes me want to be outside and soak in every moment.

All in all, this spring forward time change is a pretty good deal.

Now for that evening walk…

Slice of Life

I am participating in the Slice of Life challenge to write and publish a post each day in March.   Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for creating a place for writers to share their work all month long and hosting the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!

2 thoughts on “More daylight

  1. I agree. I have so much more energy when it’s lighter longer outside. My kids may feel differently though, with having to go to bed with it still light outside. 😉 Thank you for sharing!

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