Family & memories

Vacation.  Time with family.  Laughter.  Exploring new places.

Some of the best memories come from the trips we’ve taken as a family.  And this trip is no exception.  Yesterday, we picked up my brother from his university and drove to Cabrillo National Monument.  I thought we were just going to see the lighthouse and the view, but as we drove through the gate, we saw a sign for the tide pools.  It was 4:00 p.m., and low tide was at 3:56.  Perfect timing!

We drove down the steep hillside to the small parking lot crowded with vehicles.  As we stepped out, the cool salty air hit us, and we hurried down the trail.  Scampering down the rocks and thankful I had sandals on, we got down to the tide pools.   Tiny hermit crabs scurried about and sea anemone waved gently as we explored the pools.  Shouts of excitement rose around us from other sightseers who spotted ocean life.

We stayed until 4:30 when the tide started to rise and the area closed.  I couldn’t keep a smile off my face as we drove back up the hill, the vast expanse of the ocean stretching into the horizon.




Travel.  Family.  Memories.


9 thoughts on “Family & memories

  1. I’ve been longing for the ocean and its creatures. I won’t be there physically until the summer, so thanks for including all of the sensory imagery that created a mind journey,

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