I started this post this morning, but the bell rang, so now this is a two-part slice!

Currently [before school]

Listening to the relaxing guitar music coming softly through the speakers.

Watching students find their slicing spots around the classroom, smiling as they read other posts and fingers click-clacking away as they comment and compose their own slices.

Thinking about all the parts of the day and wondering if I made all of my copies.

Sipping the last few drops of my morning coffee, enjoying the rich taste of the Italian dark roast.

Chatting with my teaching partner as several more of our students come into the classroom.

Hoping the sunshine brings warmer weather all day long.

Currently [after work]…

Sitting in a comfortable armchair with my laptop in front of me, finishing my slice.

Smelling the mouthwatering scent of grilled chicken flatbread, ready for dinner.

Realizing I need to send several emails to families before it gets too late.

Rereading before hitting the ‘publish’ button!




3 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I like how you broke your slice down to two parts of the day. You give insight into how you got ready for your students and then what non-teaching things had to be taken care of at home.

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