Before that…

Right now…I am sitting on the overstuffed chair with a cup of coffee, writing my slice.

Before that…I cleaned up a delicious dinner of homemade pizza and fresh fruit.

Before that…I picked up our wedding invitations, pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive they were.

Before that…I painted baseboards at my house, checking off one more item on our remodel checklist.

Before that…I hiked with a friend, enjoying the sunshine, the view, and the conversation.

Before that…I played soccer tennis at the high school girls’ soccer practice.

Before that…I worked with my teaching partner to get some spring break planning done before I leave for San Diego.

Before that…I enjoyed sleeping in past the darkness of Daylight Savings Time.

And now, I need to start packing for our San Diego road trip.  What a day!

Slice of Life

11 thoughts on “Before that…

    • I love posts with the description “I tried out a different kind of post today” because I learn so many new techniques. I don’t think I have done a Before That post before, so I’ll have to give this a try. Your day sounds fun, if very busy. Wedding invitations! Woohoo!

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